Big Data Solutions & Services

Big Data Solutions & Services
Big Data Solutions And Services

Traditional data processing applications can handle data in gigabytes and terabytes.

When, it comes to zetabytes, petabytes and exabytes, these applications lack the ability to analyze, search, transfer, visualization, querying, data curation, also information privacy is also at risk.

In 2012, it was calculated that 2.5 Exabytes (2.5X1018) of data is generated every single day, you can imagine how much data would be generated this very present day.

In simple terms, Big Data is data with sizes beyond capability of commonly used tools or software. The Big Data can be structured, semi-structured or unstructured, and could be stored over multiple servers.

New techniques and technologies are required for such large scale, complex & diverse data-sets.

Handling, storing, sorting or performing any operation on them is not a easy task, and special applications have to be developed for that specific purpose.

In Big Data, accuracy is of main concern, as it leads to, better decision, more operational efficiency, cost reduction and reduced risks.

We, At Horizoncore, strive to provide you with the best Big Data Development & Services.

You can re-imagine your business to a whole new level, through our focused research and services in Business Data Development.

We bring following features to your reach:

  • Strong & Innovative Big Data alliance with product vendors.
  • A dedicated Big Data Team, with delivery over the Globe.
  • Mastery with Big Data connector's & Solution accelerators.
  • Massive experience, in Big Data Management for IT & Business Organization.
  • Implement a Big Data platform and governance system using best practices. Management.
  • Optimization: Deploy, Manage, and Optimize Your Big Data Project.
  • Increase your business speed with platform for Big Data.

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