Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development
Mobile Application Development

HorizonCore specializes in creating fresh and innovative applications for mobile devices. Whether it's a web interface application or the latest mobile game, HorizonCore is dedicated to its clients and we design and develop your mobile application for your exact requirements. HorizonCore has a vast experience in mobile apps development with experience in various technologies like Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Google Android, Microsoft Windows mobile & other Smart phones, to offer individual and enterprises at sky height.

HorizonCore consist a team of highly experienced mobile application developers, project managers and business analysts who have the proficiency to take your project, business or hobby onto whatever mobile device you need. Our team will work personally with you, understanding your precise requirements and ensuring it is delivered to the finest standard in the shortest possible time.

With our professional mobile application development team, we are set to serve up business solutions by offering revolutionary mobile application. Hire mobile app developers from us robust mobile app development and use our proficiency in mobile app development.

iPhone Mobile Application Development

iphone is one in a kind of mobile phone launched by Apple Inc. and it has also been proved that iphone is the most perspective next-generation mobile platform in the current mobile market. With the best and enhanced applications and features in it, iphone has established itself as the most desirable smart phone available in the current market.

iPad Mobile Application Development

iPad is one of its kind touch screen tablet PC made by Apple Inc. iPad has all the prospective to become next generations computer. With increase in iPads popularity there is also increase in applications designed specifically for iPad.

Android Mobile Application Development

Android is an operating system for the smart phones as well as a software platform, which was developed Google and later taken over by Open Handset Alliance (OHA). Android is an extremely demanding operating system with software stack among smart phones, including important applications.

Windows Mobile Application Development

Windows Mobile is trendy OS developed by Microsoft. It is famous in smartphones and mobile devices. Different types of mobile applications can be expanded for the Windows Mobile, to convent the specific needs of different business areas. Windows Mobile is an industry standard and the business units for most active user applications.