Online eBay Store

Online eBay Store

Why to have eBay online store?

Present generation is considered to be the web generation and they firmly depend on internet for purchase of their day to day needy products. eBay is one of the most effective, user friendly and popular method of e-commerce in the present time. eBay is one the most promising name in the field of online shopping and has been most visited online shopping site across the world. Shopping experience at eBay is always memorable and more fun for the shopper hence it increases sales by building a repeat clientele. eBay provides various services such as traditional online stores, the PayPal payment system, and the Skype global calling network

More than half of eBay users have admitted that their business has flourished a lot after establishing an eBay online store. Establishing an eBay online store is very simple and no HTML or CODE knowledge is required. One of the best features of eBay online store is that that you can keep an eye on how many times your product has been observed and by which keyword did the buyer landed on your store during the search. This feature helps you to trace your customer and make necessary changes regarding your product and services. Over all, eBay is extremely profitable and you get the yield of your time and energy which you put into it.

Why HorizonCore for eBay Store?

HorizonCore is a professional web development company and it has specialized in advance eBay Store Design and Internet Development. eBay online store designed by us are unique, dynamic and exceptionally result oriented. We provide not only, attractive homepages and listing but also create intellectual and lively stores with unique search functions on eBay. Our designed, eBay online store leaves your shopper with unified shopping experience. Your first step to the success in the online eBay store is professionally designed store and we help you to create it. We also provide services such as e-commerce Development, eBay Store Design, Internet Marketing and many others.

Why Custom eBay Store Design?

Professionally Custom eBay store helps, you to increase your buyers confidence online and trustworthiness which makes your new visitor as permanent, loyal customer of the store. Attractively designed eBay store increase the visibility of eBay seller by letting your customer know that you care about them and your business. This is the best way to start and establish your brand.

We provide our clients with the effective and result oriented SEO services, which will help your site gaining advantage over competitor and more visitors to your web site. This unique feature of SEO, will help in improvement process and display company's web page prompt in the list and line of search results.

For Successful eBay Store HorizonCore Provides Following Features:

  • We provide elegant and uncluttered design that helps stand out your site from other.
  • We help to differentiate price between Retailer and Wholesales.
  • Our designed store provides strong, stable, consistent and recognizable identity with custom design to your eBay store.
  • We provide excellent and powerful e-commerce.
  • A multi page storefront along with the tabbed navigation.
  • Sparkling page lay out and plenty of room for the product description.
  • Reliable and unique presentation of your brand throughout the store.
  • Excellent promotional boxes to showcase your products.
  • Several Announcements such as Best Seller, Related Products, Featured Items, Coming Soon and many more.
  • Search boxes and spam free techniques, for safe eBay store promotions.
  • Full shop design which includes header design, Seller design logo, Store pages customization, Designed as per your existing company colors or your requirement and many other unique and attractive features.
  • We provide high and excellent content in your Auction Templates and About Me pages.
  • Our services also include setting up, payment schemes, shipping expenses programmed e-mails.
  • Beneficial key word banner that will help to increase your sales ratio and magnetize more customers.
  • We provide easy search and navigation which facilitates your customer to find the product they need.

Additional SEO Services: We understand the importance of SEO, and hence we offer free SEO services to our clients along with the eBay online store development services. This result oriented and unique SEO service will help your site gain lead over rival and provide more visitors to your site. This service will prompt your web page in the list of search results.

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