Rich Internet Applications Development - India

Rich Internet Applications Development - India

Rich Internet Applications also known as RIA is a web application that has several functions and features similar to that of desktop applications. RIA typically transfers the processing required for the user interface, but retains most of the data to the application server. RIAs play a key role in web development field as it allows developers to build very responsive applications and websites, which is related with the users to furnish with pleasant experience. With the wide reach of the Internet, RIA can be used in diverse browsers and desktops. HorizonCore offers Rich Internet Application development services through Ajax or other Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex and Microsoft Silverlight lately.

Our Rich Internet Application Development Services includes:

  • Flex - AJAX – Silverlight
  • Adobe Flex
  • Microsoft Silverlight Framework
  • Advanced Advancement
  • Applications for Business
  • Dynamic Planning
  • Up-gradation and maintenance of applications

The increased demand to improve the experience of Internet users with interactive software applications and features has evolved Rich Internet Applications (RIA). According to adobe, RIAs are applications that combine user-interface and functionality of desktop software, convenience, economical deployment of Web applications and the finest of interactive multimedia communication.

Following are benefits of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs):

  • RIAs offers interactive and attractive environment for enhanced user efficiency and experience.
  • RIA combines web and desktop application to offer faster user interactivity.
  • RIAs offers ideal platform to build stylish online multimedia displays, online trading, intellectual business portals, gaming and social networking sites.
  • RIAs offer inter-browser compatibility for easily access of web applications.
  • RIAs lofty scalability makes easier accommodation of upcoming changes in application.
  • RIA is the sprouting technology that constantly improves its features for enhanced user experience.
  • Fundamental RIAs frameworks consist of AJAX , Microsoft Silverlight , Adobe Flex, JavaFX, Mozilla XUL and GWT

Tremendous advancement in internet has offered multiple platforms that are used by different people in different way according to their requirement and all this is possible just because of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). At HorizonCore, team of experienced Rich Internet Applications developer expertise in replacing static websites with dynamic ones to provide delightful user experience.

Rich Internet Applications has completely altered the use of internet and at HorizonCore; we strongly understand the impact of RIAs, hence we offer offshore Rich Internet Application development services for your robust, scalable, interactive and inexpensive web applications that will authorize your online business to gain more business.

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